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Rangi Ruru provides an unparalleled opportunity for girls who have an interest in horse riding and the equine industry.

We are the only girls’ secondary school in the South Island with a dedicated Equestrian Programme. This unique programme combines riding and competition with Equine Studies and horse care. It also includes a Learn to Ride course for girls who are interested in riding, but do not own a horse. We offer riders access to their horses during the regular school week as they are grazed and stabled nearby, as well as support expert training with coaches of the rider’s choice to develop their riding skills and participate in high-level competition. Our focus is upon what an individual rider wishes to achieve, regardless of their level. The programme’s breadth allows it to cater for a diversity of equestrian and equine pursuits.

Sally Goldsmith

Equestrian Manager

Sally Goldsmith is our Equestrian Manager, and brings a wealth multi-disciplinary experience and deep industry connections and knowledge through her work with numerous associated clubs and associations.

Equine Studies

There are a selection of courses available to senior students (Years 11 to 13) with NCEA unit standards. Equine Studies form part of the Levels 1 – 3 Certificate, alongside our traditional academic subjects, ensuring an all-round education. These courses will appeal to students wishing to pursue an interest in the equine industry or agriculture and animals more generally (i.e. veterinary science, breeding, competition, vet technician or vet nursing). Opportunities include short and long-term courses, as well as practical experiences and can be personalised to each student as part of their individual development plan.

Rangi Ruru Dressage