Are you ready to begin your Rangi journey?

Te Ara (the pathway) is designed to enable students to participate fully in their life at Rangi Ruru and the world beyond by focussing on the four strands of hauora, citizenship, Te Ao Māori and careers and pathways.

Te Ara aims to help students develop the Rangi Graduate Profile skills and dispostions across a vast range of subjects including religious studies, health, life skills, Tikanga Māori, wellbeing, psychology, sustainability, philosophy and careers and pathways.

These classes form part of students’ weekly timetables and develop with students as they progress from Years 7 to 13. Through Te Ara, we aspire that each student will become a person who know themselves and their place in the world, locally, nationally and globally.

The Te Ara programme provides a range of courses from Years 7 to 13

  • Religious Studies
  • Health Education
  • Life Skills
  • Tikanga Māori
  • Wellbeing
  • Journalism
  • Psychology

Rangi Ruru. Be the change.