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Pathways and careers planning is essential for students and their families. Navigating the vast amount of information available regarding post-secondary school opportunities can be challenging and having individualised support through this process is key to success.


Crimson Education

Crimson Education is the world’s most successful US/UK university admissions support consultancy. We are pleased to have partnered with Crimson Education to provide an in-house Careers & Pathways Strategist. The Strategist assists our girls with all aspects of their pathways from high school including identifying career and pathways choices, tertiary institutions, GAP years, scholarship applications, and more both within NZ and overseas. The Strategist will also coordinate Crimson Education visiting speakers on UK/US admissions, Med View, and Sports scholarships.

Rangi Ruru has established an exclusive partnership with innovative career pathway specialists, Crimson Education. Crimson Education are leaders in delivering specialist, personalised career advice to students and this is the first time they have partnered with a New Zealand school.

Career Support

Girls are given access to information, support, personalised tuition and mentoring as they consider their education and career options. This collaboration brings incredible resources to Rangi Ruru that are not available in any school currently and brings a world of opportunities. It provides every opportunity for girls to take the career pathway they choose – whether they are considering one of the world’s top universities, a New Zealand university or polytechnic, a gap year or the workforce – this partnership will ensure that each girl is given the best chance at success.

Students from all Christchurch and Canterbury schools can also benefit from having Crimson Consulting Education onsite at Rangi Ruru through seminars and expos.

To learn more contact Juliet Collins, Assistant Principal-Curriculum on 03 983 3716 or [email protected]

Pathways and careers education and strategies, along with personal interviews (including practice interviews, resume’ workshops and other training sessions), give students the necessary information and confidence to face a succession of options and decisions they will encounter in the future.

The Careers Centre is open to all students and their parents. Appointments with the Pathways & Careers Strategist can be made via email, or phone. Times are available at interval, lunchtime, and during/after school.

To ensure students are making the most of every opportunity at school, and have set themselves up for life after high school, girls should focus on five key areas:

  • Academic
  • Community Service
  • Sport (competitive or recreational)
  • Culture (music, dance, drama, Kapa Haka)
  • Leadership (does not have to be a formal position)

Krissi’s Story

“As a competitive basketball player throughout my youth, I spent most of my time in high school thinking that I knew exactly what I’d do once I graduated: I was going to play college basketball. But when it came time to make that decision, I decided not to.”