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We place a strong focus on leadership and development, ensuring there are opportunities for our girls to lead their own way, and formal leadership opportunities across all levels.

From Year 10, our girls work with a dedicated Careers and Pathways Advisor to ensure they are focusing on their goals, academically whilst at Rangi, and importantly aligning this with life after Rangi. This enables each girl to take her own path forward into the world, with guidance and assistance to ensure she reaches her goals.

Our philosophy on developing each girl, includes our approach to scholarships. Whilst we offer scholarships for high achieving all round students, we place greater emphasis and resource on sourcing the very best tutors, coaches and development staff so every student at Rangi can reap the rewards. We think our formal academic results are a great example of lifting the bar higher, not just the top.

As the top performing NCEA school in Christchurch (based on 2019 Level 3 Merit and Excellence endorsement %) we are specialist in delivering the New Zealand curriculum – a curriculum we believe best meets the learning and development needs of our future leaders. Opportunities for girls to develop themselves and contribute positively to those around them.

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Leadership and Development at Rangi is framed around the wealth of opportunities that exist for girls to develop themselves and contribute positively to those around them. We believe that before leading others, girls must first know themselves, their strengths and their areas for development.

Mai i te kōpae ki te urupa, tātou ako tonu ai From cradle to grave, we are forever learning


Girls at Rangi Ruru are grounded, value the opportunities that are offered and seek out ways to give back and pay forward. Girls are committed to service and devote time, mind, and money to good causes, and are encouraged to involve themselves with the Student Volunteer Army Service Award.

From the age of fourteen, girls are often involved and inspired by the growth potential of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Combining an ongoing commitment to Physical Activity, Voluntary Service, a Skill and often culminating in an Adventurous Journey, the Award celebrates independence, citizenship and adaptability.

Role Models

We understand the power of the peer and the importance of strong role models in our girls’ lives. Increasingly formalised responsibilities come to the fore as girls progress into their Senior years. Form Seniors and Peer Support Leaders encourage connectedness, self-management, and positivity. The Student Leadership Team provide impetus for whole school priorities, shaping and guiding a shared vision for the year. We know that the first follower is as important as the leader. We value student voice. Te Māngai brings together representatives from each tutor group from Year 7 to Year 11, allowing our students time and space to share ideas, network and become proactive players for change.


Valerie’s Story

“At Rangi I received invaluable support from teachers who encouraged my passion for learning”.

Rangi. Be your best.

He waka kōtuia kāhore e tukutukua ngā mimira In unity there is strength