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Girls learn very differently to boys. And girls learn differently with boys in the classroom. Delivering our education and co-curricular programmes specifically for the way girls learn, means that girls not only achieve to a higher level, but they feel more comfortable in doing so.

There is extensive research showing girls in single-sex education, outperform girls in co-educational schools on nearly all academic, social, and emotional outcomes.

At Rangi Ruru, there are no barriers to participation or inclusion, and every aspect of school life is designed and tailored for girls. Life might be co-ed, however, throughout the early and important development of our young future female leaders, it is essential to instil self-confidence by providing an environment girls excel in.

“In addition to confirming academic advantages, the data shows that girls at single-sex schools generally enjoy school more, experience less-bullying, have fewer disruptions in class, make friends more easily, and feel more like they belong at their schools compared to girls from co-educational schools.”

– Loren Bridge, Executive Officer of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools

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