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Christchurch (Ōtautahi)

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and resides in the Canterbury Region. The urban area is home to around 400,000 residents and has been dubbed the ‘Basecamp for Exploration’. Christchurch takes it’s place as a resilient and innovative hub, and is now thriving after the majority of the city was rebuilt post the 2010/11 earthquakes.

“Ōtautahi Christchurch is the gateway to the South Island and home to spectacular experiences. Make some time to play and discover hidden gems around every corner.

This is a city with a thriving tech sector and an innovation eco-system like none other. A city with a revitalised centre buzzing with energy, surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.”


A Safe Place to Live and Study

New Zealand is renowned for its safety, and Christchurch is no exception. The city is considered one of the safest places to live and study in the world. The friendly culture, low crime rates, and welcoming atmosphere make Christchurch an ideal destination for international students and their families.

Natural Beauty

Christchurch is often referred to as the Garden City for a reason. It’s home to lush parks, botanical gardens, and the stunning Hagley Park which is very close to Rangi Ruru, offering plenty of green spaces for relaxation and outdoor activities. Furthermore, the city’s proximity to the Southern Alps and the Canterbury Plains makes it an ideal base for exploring New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Christchurch has you covered. From skiing in the winter to hiking, mountain biking, and water sports in the summer, there’s no shortage of thrilling adventures just a stone’s throw away. The South Island’s diverse geography provides endless opportunities for exploration and adrenaline-pumping experiences.

A Strong and Vibrant Community

Christchurch is known for its strong sense of community. There are various support networks and services in place to assist international students in adjusting to life in Christchurch. The city has a diverse range of cultures, making it a rich and vibrant city. The international student community is thriving, and students have the opportunity to interact with people from around the world when studying here. Christchurch city hosts numerous cultural festivals, events, and exhibitions, celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of belonging.