Are you ready to begin your Rangi journey?

Joining Rangi at Year 9, your daughter will join a diverse and inclusive Sisterhood of girls. At Years 9 to 13 our year groups are limited to 6 classes of between 20 and 25 girls, with total year group sizes limited to around 125 girls. Keeping our year groups smaller, ensures stronger connections between the girls, their teachers and other staff such as Deans and support staff.

Our Years 9 to 13 classes are all limited to 25 students, with most less than 22, and are single cell based learning environments.

We strongly believe this smaller, more personalised approach to learning offers our girls the best opportunity to best prepare for NCEA and life beyond Rangi. Our curriculum offering includes banded classes and opportunities for extension not only in core subjects such as Maths and English, but holistically through our High Performance Learning Coordinator.

As a true Years 7 to 13 school, we do not have a ‘Middle school’ or ‘Senior School’, as each Year level has their own specific requirements, and we tailor each and every class and teacher for the learning level required. Classes are also streamed based on learning ability. Approaching learning based on a Years 7 to 13 model means a smoother transition throughout years, and also means girls at all levels have access to a full range of curricular and co-curricular offerings, regardless of her age.

Enrolment in Year 9 is only available to around 80 students per year and demand is high for places. If you would like to consider Rangi for your daughter at Year 9, we strongly encourage you to enrol or contact our Enrolments Team prior to your daughter starting her Year 8 year.