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Our approach to Care and Wellbeing is unique

Through our Student Care and Development Network we deliver services and programmes that ensure every student is given the guidance, support, tools and environment she needs to understand her place in the world and to succeed.

Rangi Ruru has a strong guidance network and help is available from form tutors, year level Deans, Boarding House managers, Chaplain and the Dean of International Students. More information about how to contact these people is given at orientation.

The Dean of International Students, is employed solely to work with international students and maintains close links with students, families, caregivers, guardians, deans, class teachers, boarding house staff and homestay

Pastoral Care

Our wrap-around, holistic approach to Pastoral Care allows us to call on all of the expertise within the Care & Development Network to support us with directions and solutions. This Network includes the Pastoral Team, Learning Centre, Te Ara, Health and Student Development and Leadership Teams; through their programmes and initiatives, we are able to provide opportunities, a strong sense of connection and targeted support for our people.  

The Pastoral Team consists of Tutors and Deans who move through the school with their year level and therefore really get to know each individual; the International Dean, Boarding Staff, School Psychologists and Nurses, Chaplain, Careers & Pathways Strategist (Crimson), Wellbeing & Digital Engagement Coordinator and Health Coordinator have a much broader knowledge of the students and apply their special lens and expertise to the health and wellbeing of the students. A common understanding and regular communication ensure we are covering all the bases so each student knows they have at least one, or several people, who will be their champions and guides. 

What makes Rangi Ruru stand out is that we put the person at the centre of a ‘personalised’ approach to learning. We do this by knowing and understanding each girl and focussing her learning needs to her individual interests, goals and abilities. We do this across all aspects of her learning, not just the academic focus but through her co-curricular activities as well


At the heart of Rangi Ruru is the commitment to supporting and promoting the wellbeing of our girls. Our approach to wellbeing is unique. The Wellbeing Development Team delivers a dynamic and comprehensive programme to all year levels starting at Year 7.

Drawing from the established practices of positive psychology and growth mindset, the Rangi Ruru Wellbeing Programme has been developed to equip each girl with the resources she needs to ensure she is feeling good and functioning well.

Education Code of Practice

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School is bound by The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

The purpose of this code is to support the Government’s objectives for international education by:

(a) requiring signatories to take all reasonable steps to protect international students; and
(b) ensuring, so far as is possible, that international students have in New Zealand a positive experience that supports their educational achievement.

Grievance Procedures

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School has established guidelines for students who have a complaint or grievance against the school. Please contact the International Dean for more information.

Student Safety

We are committed to student safety and actively work to provide a safe environment for all of our students. Our Student Safe policies and guidelines can be found here

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