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Every girl has a different recipe for success. Focusing on being the best version of themselves, we encourage and support our girls to find their passions, talents, and challenges. Allowing each girls’ definition of success to be a completely individualised one, results in engaged and active learners who achieve to a higher standard, and develop into more rounded individuals.

We place a strong focus on leadership and development, ensuring there are opportunities for our girls to lead their own way, and formal leadership opportunities across all levels.

From Year 10, our girls work with a dedicated Careers and Pathways Advisor to ensure they are focusing on their goals, academically whilst at Rangi, and importantly aligning this with life after Rangi. This enables each girl to take her own path forward into the world, with guidance and assistance to ensure she reaches her goals.

Our philosophy on developing each girl, includes our approach to scholarships. Whilst we offer scholarships for high achieving all round students, we place greater emphasis and resource on sourcing the very best tutors, coaches and development staff so every student at Rangi can reap the rewards. We think our formal academic results are a great example of lifting the bar higher, not just the top.

As the top performing NCEA school in Christchurch (based on 2019 Level 3 Merit and Excellence endorsement %) we are specialist in delivering the New Zealand curriculum – a curriculum we believe best meets the learning and development needs of our future leaders.

Leadership and Development

Opportunities for girls to develop themselves and contribute positively to those around them.

Careers and Pathways

Access to information, support, personalised tuition and mentoring as girls consider their education and career options.

NCEA and Results

We specialise in the NCEA Curriculum, one we believe offers our girls the best opportunities, both academically whilst at school and as learners in the future.