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At Rangi Ruru we deliver education differently. We believe every girl learns and develops in her own way, often at her own pace, and with different goals in mind. Being a small school, with small classes means we can get to know each girl not only by name, but by how they learn.

Personal Development Plans

At the start of the year, each girl works with her teachers to develop her own Personal Development Plan, which includes setting and reflecting on her goals, strengths, development areas and achievements across the academic, cultural and creative, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Parents are also encouraged to contribute as much as possible.


The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre at Rangi offers a range of services to ensure that all students have an opportunity to reach their true potential. Specialist teachers, teacher aides and outside agencies work closely with individual students one on one, as small groups or offer in-class support to improve learning opportunities.

The Learning Centre is designed to support any student who requires assistance with study. Students throughout their life may experience difficulties with an aspect of their studies. This may be because they have a learning difference which impacts on their ability to learn or It may be because they need assistance with study skills or exam techniques. The Learning Centre is able to offer a range of services to enable students to access the curriculum fully.

Any student identified as needing assistance in any area of the curriculum will, after consultation with family, be offered specialist support. Peer tutoring in a wide range of subjects can be arranged. The Learning Centre also manages the Special Exam Conditions for NCEA internal and external assessments.

To hear 2021 student leader of the Learning Centre, Brooke Endacott, tell her story – click here.

The focus at Rangi has always been on providing girls with the skills and attributes they need to be the very best they can be at whatever they choose to do, while encouraging them to be positive and contributing members of their communities.

Holly Story Branded

Holly’s Story

Holly is a passionate scuba diver. She is currently studying Marine Science at the University of Otago, and hopes to become a marine biologist or ocean conservationist so she can protect the underwater ecosystems she loves.