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Rangi Stories – Brooke Endacott

Brooke attended Rangi Ruru Student from 2015 to 2021 where she received support from specialist teaching staff in the Learning Centre. In her final year she was a student leader and tutored other students.


The Learning Centre has made my time at Rangi the best experience I could ask for. It has provided me with a safe and encouraging environment where I can truly be myself. I have been allowed to fail, to cry and to truly celebrate my successes.

The 10-year-old Brooke with dyslexia and anxiety, who started at Rangi, would never have believed how far she could come. In my final year I was the Year 13 Student Leader of the Learning Centre, studying Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, English, and FDN.

The Learning centre has helped me accept me for who I am. I now feel I truly belong at Rangi Ruru. I realise how amazing my successes are and I am also accepting of when times are not so good, but with encouragement and support from the Learning Centre I know I can do it. I back myself, and now I have the confidence and opportunity to tutor younger Rangi students.