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The importance of innovation is undeniable to drive economic growth and social development—it is needed to create new jobs, businesses, products and services at a pace which keeps up with our ever-changing world.

Comprehensive research tells us that by enabling students to learn how to innovate they learn how to create value. This is defined as, “…innovating to shape better lives, such as creating new jobs, businesses and services and developing new knowledge, insights, ideas, techniques, strategies and solutions, and applying them to problems both old and new.”


RangiX helps develop students into competent innovators who not only feel empowered to make meaningful impact in whichever pathway they choose post-high school, but are more prepared and resilient when confronted with uncertainty and change, and can develop a greater sense of purpose and self-worth.

With touchpoints across pre-existing subjects, as well as standalone classes and co-curricular offerings, RangiX provides learning experiences for students to develop knowledge and skills around essential tech and future skills alongside opportunities to apply this knowledge to ideate solutions to real-world problems.

RangiX in Action


Deloitte Grow

Students partnered with national company Deloitte to create a social media lenses which use Augmented Reality (AR) to teach users about Matariki.


Techweek NZ

TechWeek NZ was a great opportunity to expose students to just some of the limitless possibilities of tech and provide fun and accessible ways to learn these new skills and ways of thinking.

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