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As the world becomes more technological, what becomes more valuable are the human skills and traits that bind us; communication, creativity and collaboration; empathy, trust, courageousness, resilience and kindness, and leadership and managing others.


These human skills are the foundation for being entrepreneurial and initiative-taking humans, which RangiX aspires to develop in our students. Entrepreneurship is more than just about starting an entrepreneurial venture, it’s about people with a strong sense of empathy who want to bring about positive change.

We aspire for every Rangi Ruru student to be entrepreneurial and enterprising. We know that our students have great ideas and RangiX is a platform to support students in bringing these ideas to life.

RangiX is embedded in classroom and co-curricular offerings at Rangi Ruru from Years 7 to 13, developing students’ entrepreneurial skillsets and mindsets as they progress through the school. Entrepreneurial learning includes: a focus on social enterprise; business incubators and Shark Tank-styled pitch events, as well as corporate partnerships to provide authentic learning and feedback from the business community.

RangiX in Action


Deloitte Grow

Students partnered with national company Deloitte to create a social media lenses which use Augmented Reality (AR) to teach users about Matariki.


Techweek NZ

TechWeek NZ was a great opportunity to expose students to just some of the limitless possibilities of tech and provide fun and accessible ways to learn these new skills and ways of thinking.

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