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20 November 2023 / Category : School

Harvesting Success at the NZ Ag Show

Taking centre stage at this year’s NZ Agricultural Show in Christchurch was the 2023 Agri Futures Clash of the Colleges. An initiative spearheaded by the New Zealand Rural Games Trust, the event was initially designed to nurture the skills and interest of the upcoming generation in agriculture and primary industries. This year over 300 students from around 11 schools spanning from Timaru to Hanmer Springs geared up for the two rounds of competition.

In teams of four, ākonga competed in 16 diverse modules, with activities ranging from tree identification and primary industries equipment identification to wool classing, sheep body condition scoring, artificial insemination with CRV, ear tagging, on-farm health and safety procedures, fencing, quad bike tyre change and assembling a shearing handpiece. Teams were given 5 minutes to attempt each of the modules. The hands-on experiences provided by these modules showcased the sector’s diversity and opportunities as well as giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their agricultural prowess.

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This year two Rangi Ruru teams entered the competition. Bonnie Collier, Mikayla Molloy, Brie Molloy and Tabitha White made up the Years 9 & 10 team whilst, Sophie Orchard, Izzie Jones, Libby Sexton and Brooke Cooper represented Year 11. 

The Clash of the Colleges also incorporated elements of rural sports, with modules such as gumboot throwing, and wool fadge races adding a lively and entertaining dimension to the competition. The event proved to be a successful and engaging platform for schools to showcase their talents and foster a deeper connection with rural life. Matt Doocey MP, Barbara Kuriger MP and Grant McCallum were on board to congratulate the students on their efforts and hand out awards to the winners. And in the end, the Years 9 & 10 Rangi Ruru team came away with the win in the Junior section for their practical skills. Ka rawe!

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