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19 October 2023 / Category : School

Ending Term 3 on a High Note! 

Rangi Ruru’s third headmistress, Miss Farquharson was the visionary behind the school’s house system. Just prior to her departure, she proposed the idea to the prefects, who were initially hesitant however, after some discussion they agreed to the introduction of it on the condition the houses would be known as clans: an idea which Miss Farquharson graciously accepted as a compromise. The introduction of the clan system marked the beginning of a lasting legacy that would be cherished by ākonga who would enter the gates from that time forward.


The initial goal of the clan system was to foster greater interest in academics, games, tidiness and uniform adherence. It is remarkable how it has evolved over the years. Students now proudly don their clan colours and compete passionately in various activities in the hope of winning clan points. The end of the year brings much anticipation as everyone eagerly awaits the announcement of which clan has earned the most points, ultimately becoming that year’s Champion Clan.


While the exact inception of the clan singing competition is uncertain, it has grown to become one of the most eagerly anticipated annual clan events. Songs are selected, dance moves choreographed and spirits ride high on clan singing day, a tradition now held at the end of Term 3 each year. This year, students were pumped to showcase their talents in front of three judges, vying for clan points for the best performance. Braemar rightfully earned bragging rights this year for delivering an incredibly slick performance