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16 April 2024 / Category : School

A Time for Reflection

Easter is an opportunity to come together in our beautiful St Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru Church, reflecting on blessings, sharing messages of love and new beginnings, and spreading kindness in our wider community. Led by Reverend Phyl Harris, our Easter service was a poignant reminder of the values that are dear to us.

Head of Chapel, Ruby Trewinnard, emphasised the significance of gathering at this time, urging us to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all and to celebrate the strength of hope and aroha. The readings, given by both students and staff, resonated with themes of faith, unity, and compassion, setting the tone for a meaningful service


One highlight of our Easter Communion was the music, with a performance of Boykin’s ‘Singing Silver Rain’ by Resolutions, accompanied by Polly Lee on piano and Elise Tian on cello, under the direction of Helen Charlton. The singing of hymns was enriched with the majestic sound of the pipe organ, played by John Dodgshun, along with our talented Brass Ensemble.


Easter is not only a time for reflection, it is also a time to give back to the community and live our school value ‘Generosity of Spirit’. Continuing a cherished tradition initiated in 2023, the Service Council organised the inter-form Easter basket competition. Each form class poured their creativity and compassion into crafting baskets filled with items requested by various charities, along with delicious Easter treats. The generosity of our students knew no bounds as they embraced the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


Prior to the Easter weekend, deliveries were made to Aviva, Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, Women’s Refuge, Ronald McDonald House, and Canterbury Refugees. The impact of these simple gestures of kindness was great, as expressed by a representative from Women’s Refuge who expressed her heartfelt gratitude “We work with families who sometimes leave with nothing and who have limited resources so, this is going to provide them with some Easter joy”.

Manaakitanga, and acts like these are a beautiful reminder that even small gestures can make a difference and that everyone can do a little to help share love and compassion at Easter