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15 June 2022 / Category : School

A Foundation in Giving


Four Rangi Ruru students are set to learn about philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector from some of Christchurch’s most influential leaders. The group was selected for the Christchurch Foundation’s Generation Give programme for 2022.

Emma Comerford (Year 12), Bridget Pye (Year 12), Catherine Zhong (Year 13) and Olivia Rose (Year 13) are amongst 26 students chosen from across Canterbury to take part in the 20-week initiative.

Generation Give exposes students who are passionate about the not-for-profit / purpose-led sector to CEOs, philanthropists and other leaders and guests speakers as they work towards community projects.

The group form a board—supported and guided by patron Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel—and are taught about governance, marketing, PR, public speaking, critical thinking and decision-making.

Olivia says it’s an honour to be chosen, and she is looking forward to developing her philanthropy skills.

“It is such an honour to be able to gain all these new skills while working with some great people,” she says.

“I haven’t really had much experience in philanthropy before. However, I have been very involved in service for people through physical acts like volunteering. I’m looking forward to trying out a new way of giving towards others while I learn more about philanthropy.”


She hopes to share the skills she learns with others so that together they can amplify the impact of their actions. “By sharing my skills, other people can be the change too.”

Emma says she is looking forward to creating new relationships which will enable her to make greater change in her community.

“As part of the Generation Give program, we hope to learn new skills, give back to the community and to create partnerships to make a change.”

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Principal Dr Sandra Hastie says to have four students selected to develop professional philanthropic skills embodies the school pillar—and theme for 2022—of Be the Change.

“Service is something which is not only encouraged and celebrated at Rangi Ruru but is one of four pillars which underpins daily life here. To have students seeking out opportunities to develop these skills in a professional setting sets a fantastic example of how we can all be the change.

“I am delighted they will have the opportunity to work with such a great organisation and the Mayor of Christchurch to learn such valuable, life-long skills—and I can’t wait to see what they achieve both personally and for their communities via Generation Give.”