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Rangi Ruru is very grateful for the continued support of a large number of old girls, parents (both current and past), staff and friends of the school.

The success of our giving programme is not only measured by how much money is raised but also by the participation of our community. Whatever the size of your gift, whether it’s a one-off donation or part of a regular giving scheme, it is your participation that is crucial and valued. Your gift does make a difference.


1900 – 1949

1923 Parents held a fair to raise funds for new tennis courts

1936 The original swimming pool was built with funds donated by the Old Girls’ Association

1947 The new science block was opened


1950 – 1989

1955 Baird Wing (the Long Corridor) was built

1963 Fergusson Wing was opened

1966 Wilson Hall and the Gibson Memorial Library were built

1976 The J L Kerr Gymnasium was developed

1978 The new science block and the Dodds Common Room were built

1980 Fergusson Wing was redeveloped

1986 The relocation of St Andrew’s Church to Rangi Ruru, funded by a generous benefactor

1987 The new English Block, Drama Theatre and Music Suite were opened, with over $1 million contributed by the school community


1990 – 2009

1992 A Fitness Centre opened following a generous contribution from PTA

1992 The new Gibson Library was opened on Founders’ Day

1993 Computer technology suites completed with major funding from PTA

1995 Rangi Ruru Foundation was established

1998 The Arts and Technology Building opened

1999 All weather sports surface completed with lighting funded by Hockey parents

2002 New boarding facilities were opened

2002 Rangi Ruru Foundation exceeds $1 million in capital funding

2003 Te Koraha was renovated for administration

2004 The science laboratories were redeveloped

2004 The Learning Centre opened

2006 New Old Girls’ Association swimming pool opened, two courts for tennis, netball and physical education completed with significant contributions from the PTA and a major donor


2010 – PRESENT

2010 Theatre refurbished with contributions from school community ‘Buy a Seat’ campaign

2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes destroy 60% of the school’s buildings. The kindness and generosity from the staff, girls, parents and community, which allowed the school to continue functioning, is immeasurable

2011 Helen Kitson Function Centre opened

2012 Overseas based old girls support the restoration of Te Koraha

2013 ‘Project Blue Sky’ campus redevelopment begins following the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes

2014 Gibson Centre, Science Centre, Mana Wahine buildings opened utilising insurance monies. Planting and seating generously provided by the PTA

2014 The original 1947 Science building is refurbished and becomes the Museum & Gallery thanks to the Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association. Planting kindly provided by the Auckland branch of the Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association

2014 A special 125th Anniversary Scholarship is established thanks to the generosity of donors at the 125 House Party auction

2015 Project Blue Sky Stage 2 commences

2015 Performing Arts Building and Merivale Lane Theatre opens thanks to generous support from the school community

2016 Hockey turf and tennis courts opened with generous support from the PTA

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All gifts are tax deductible and will be managed by the Rangi Ruru Foundation until required by the school. Click here for more information about the Foundation.

Our students are the future and your giving makes a significant difference to that future. If you would like to know more about giving to Rangi Ruru we would welcome the chance to chat with you. Contact Director of Development +64 3 983 3700 or email [email protected]