Are you ready to begin your Rangi journey?

S.O.A.R (Supporting Outstanding Athletes at Rangi Ruru) is a unique sports programme which provides support and guidance for student athletes who demonstrate talent, potential and determination.   

At the heart of S.O.A.R is the philosophy that better people make better athletes. The focus is on empowering and challenging our student athletes to become the most outstanding version of themselves in their journey through sport and ultimately life.   Underpinning the programme is a focus on building a platform of behavioural traits which positively contribute to sporting performance but also to life outside of sport.

Students will be eligible to apply for selection in the S.O.A.R programme if they meet one of the following criteria: competing at a minimum at a regional level within a sport(s), a member of a school Senior A team , a New Zealand representative.


Being a part of SOAR for 2020 has allowed me to understand myself as an athlete. I now know what makes me tick and what I need to do to get myself and my horses where we want to be. The knowledge and understanding I have gained is something I will hold onto for the rest of my life. To be given such an opportunity to discover myself as an athlete is something I feel has been very beneficial, which is also something I have noticed in my results. 

– Annabelle Jones, Equestrian, Old Girl (2020) 

Throughout the year student athletes involved in the programme will have several official touch points which will provide an opportunity for S.O.A.R athletes to grow as people and athletes. These generic sessions will often involve guest speakers who will share their journey to date. In addition to these generic sessions, it is our intention that individualised content will be organised around the needs of each athlete.

This will include but is not limited to:

  • • Mental Performance
  • • Nutrition
  • • Targeted strength and conditioning, and body balance assessment
  • • Performance analysis – utilising HUDL and expert coaches

Throughout the year, each student athlete will also have three one on one meetings with the Director of Sport. These sessions will act as a check in to see how the year is progressing, how the programme is supporting students and where the focus is for the coming term for each student.


A key component of the delivery of S.O.A.R has been utilising guest speakers who tell their journey through and in sport, with a reference to these traits. To date, the athletes involved in S.O.A.R have heard from Rangi old-girls who spoke about courage, perseverance and team spirit, from an Olympian who spoke about adaptability, a former Silver Fern who spoke about work ethic and the importance of a Plan B, and from sportswomen working in the media who spoke about authenticity and knowing your brand.  

Alongside guest speakers, 2020 saw the introduction of the AthleteDISC profile. This is a personalised, comprehensive tool which helps individuals to perform more consistently in their chosen field through identifying the behaviours which equate to their best performances. After completing a questionnaire, each member of S.O.A.R had a session with Paula Rule, Rangi’s Mental Performance Coach, to unpack their profile with the intention of creating self-awareness of their sporting behaviours, preferences and personal style. The expectation is that this will ultimately allow girls to become more effective in their communication, build stronger relationships with coaches, teammates and others, and have a deeper understanding of their motivation, strengths and areas for development.