Are you ready to begin your Rangi journey?

S.O.A.R (Supporting Outstanding Athletes at Rangi) is a unique sports programme aimed at enriching the experiences of athletes at Rangi Ruru. This is achieved through strengthening each athlete’s connection with self, others and community.

Connection with Self: Connection with self is developed through fostering a strength focused approach to sport and life as well as the development of self-awareness.

Connection with Others: This is based around connection with others in the S.O.A.R programme. Through the sharing of experiences, participants find common ground which helps to create an environment where athletes support and learn from each other, allowing maximum growth and development.

Connection with Community: Understanding the unique requirements of each athlete enables the program to establish connections within the Rangi Ruru and wider community. Our goal is to link athletes with individuals, opportunities, or organisations that can enhance their sporting journey.

Together with the S.O.A.R convenor, participants will create an ADP (Athlete Development Plan) which will align with their PDP profiles and be an evolving document throughout the year. To ensure we are providing the best experience, athletes can select key offerings which they believe will add the most value and growth to their experience in the programme. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental Skills sessions
  • 1:1 strength and conditioning consult
  • Nutrition support
  • Time Management and organisational skills
  • Wellness monitoring
  • Body Balance Assessment with Balance Physio
  • Sport Specific mentoring
  • Leadership training
  • Media liaison
  • Drug Free Sport NZ Education