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The Vision Unfolds

The decision to build a new space for physical activity and well-being was a straightforward one. The current gym is over 40 years old, having been built in 1976 when the school roll was around 480 students. With a growing school roll and the projection of it reaching 700 students by 2022, the current gym will not meet the requirements of the school and the evolving need of our girls.

The new facility will transform school life for our girls and the community. It will be a multi-functional building offering maximum flexibility in the provision of physical and well-being activities. It will also provide abundant space to come together as a school and wider community for assemblies, conferences, gala events and recitals whilst enhancing experiences for all users.

Rangi Ruru view of new building during the day

What is Project Blue Sky?

After the February 2011 earthquake, the Board of Governors decided not to replace buildings in an ad hoc manner, but to take the opportunity to redesign the whole school campus and to build a school designed around the needs of tomorrow’s female leaders. Project Blue Sky was born.

The decision to redesign and rebuild the school was a bold one but one that is already paying off. Our current students are reaping the benefits of an education with leading facilities. To date projects completed include the Gibson Centre, the Science Centre, Mana Wahine, the Art and Technology Building and the Performing Arts Building. A dedicated space for physical activity, sports, wellbeing and community will be the next project to be completed. It is time to continue unlocking the masterplan.


Today’s Gift, Tomorrow’s Legacy

Rangi Ruru as it stands today is not only a testament to the vision of the Gibson sisters, but to the enormous generosity of past Rangi families, with each generation leaving a legacy for the next. Our unique educational environment and many of the facilities enjoyed by Rangi girls today, exist thanks to individuals and families who have gone and given before.

Rangi Ruru is incredibly grateful for their foresight however, if the School is to continue to develop and enrich the incredible environment and facilities bestowed upon us, then ongoing support and new investment is required.


Will you help build a new legacy for Rangi?

The estimated build cost for the new facility is around $9 million with $5.6 million of this required to be raised through fundraising.

Since the earthquakes, over $45 million has been spent on repairing and developing the campus. Costs have been managed through an insurance settlement, donations and prudent management of building projects and expenditures meaning this work has been completed without seeking full community support.

This time however, Rangi Ruru absolutely and unreservedly needs your support, $5.6 million is a lot to raise. All contributions of any size will take Rangi Ruru a crucial step closer to attaining our goal. We invite you to be a part of the exciting transformation ahead.

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